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MAWP versus Corrosion Allowance

Vessel engineers first use the design pressure to find the required thickness of all components on a vessel. Next, normally...


Heat Exchanger Replacement -  Ward was called on to evaluate and repair several heat exchangers in a solvent condenser system....


The ISM Manufacturing Index (PMI) decreased slightly in July, down to 52.8 from June’s 53 mark. The new order rate contracted,...

Our Purpose

With safety and quality as our foundation, we make it happen with second-to-none service and exceptional value while enhancing the success of our Employees, Customers, Suppliers and surrounding Communities. It’s not what we do, but how we do it!

Who We Are

Ward Vessel & Exchanger offers design and fabrication of custom shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels manufactured in accordance with ASME Code: Section VIII, Division 1.

Ward Vessel & Exchanger represents an innovative group of people that specialize in the custom design and fabrication of process equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, pulp/paper, power, refinery and pure water industries.

With our unique approach to fabrication engineering and strategic locations in both Charlotte, NC and Houston, TX, we continuously and effectively meet the needs of our Customers.

We are proud and active members of MTI (Materials Technology Institute), TEMA (Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), STI/SPFA (Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association), LCA (Louisiana Chemical Association) and TCC (Texas Chemical Council) in an effort to serve our industry to the best of our ability.

About Us

Ward is a team of like-minded individuals working together to become the industry-wide leader in the engineering, fabrication and repair of ASME Code products.