Engineering – “Center of Excellence”

At Ward Vessel & Exchanger, our exceptional technical staff, including two registered professional engineers, trained in the structural, civil, mechanical and metallurgical disciplines, combines design experience, ingenuity and flexibility with the latest in computer-assisted design capabilities. Through the use of PV-Elite, Compress, Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating (thermal and mechanical), FE-Pipe (Nozzle Pro), AutoCAD and our custom developed programs (ProJex, ProFab, and ProBurn) we have automated and equipped our Estimating and Engineering departments to meet your highest expectations.

Ward Vessel & Exchanger prides itself in the fact that we can design and fabricate custom engineered products more efficiently and cost effectively than other fabricators through our powerful custom automation programs. Our concept of “Fabrication Engineering” provides a whole new level of Customer service and satisfaction.

What is “Fabrication Engineering”?

This is Ward Vessel & Exchanger’s concept of maximizing office and shop man-hours by eliminating redundant and non-productive work through custom automation. Our processes/programs accurately auto-generate quotations, bill of materials, QC documents, shop packages, and much more allowing us to produce fabricated products more efficiently and effectively. Engineering provides precise job packages to the shop defining each component’s shape, size, and pre-processing center it is to be prepped prior to assembly. By keeping the figuring, calculating, head scratching in the front office and off of the shop floor, projects run more efficiently and require less man hours to fabricate resulting in greater savings to you, the Customer.

Customer benefits from our “Fabrication Engineering”?

  • Estimating and Engineering departments well staffed and equipped to handle all of your needs from small projects to multi-million dollar projects.
    • Quick and accurate turnaround on budget and/or firm quotes.
    • Unrivaled fast track project capabilities and response times.
  • Shorter overall lead times on custom engineered equipment.
  • Competitive prices with the highest quality that you can rely on.

3D Modeling and Design

Using 3-D parametric modeling of equipment to generate shop drawings gives us several advantages over traditional 2-D drawings. First, complicated geometries are much more easily understood with a 3-D model, instead of just 2-D plan and elevation views. This help reduce errors in all stages of the project, from initial design, drawing review, and shop fitters and welders building the unit. Another advantage is that drawing views and details are linked to the main model. In other words, a detail view cannot show different geometry than the main view on a different drawing page. This also reduces drafting errors. Finally, the advanced 3-D modeling software provides more direct links to computer controlled shop equipment, such as our CNC burn table and drilling machines.