“The Half-Pipe Specialists”, our Automated Process for installing Half-pipe Coil Jackets was developed for one simple reason; Quality that can be surpassed by NONE.

SS Half-pipe Reactor

Typical SAW Weld

Our process offers the following benefits:

  • Improved “Quality” and “Reliability” by virtually eliminating jacket butt joints along the shell side.
  • Utilization of a compression fit with a twin head sub-arc welding process that virtually eliminates tack welds during fit up.
  • Reducing/eliminating the stops and starts during welding to further enhance the weld quality and jacket reliability.
  • Precise fit-up of bottom head half-pipe (180 degree Segments) to ensure that all butt joints are in a line for easy maintenance and inspection purposes at your facility.
  • Wide range of sizes (2”, 3” and 4”) to meet all of your cooling and heating needs. 4” half-pipe can be installed on 5.5” pitch providing optimum heat transfer efficiency. Full coverage over the head knuckle can be provided upon request.
  • Thanks from your Reliability Engineer!

Stop fighting leaky jackets and let our expertise work for you!

Ward Vessel & Exchanger offers the following services:

  • Internal Coils (single, multi or interlaced)
  • Half Pipe Jackets (guaranteed full pen, partial pen, or fillet weld options available)
  • Dimpled Jackets
  • Conventional Jackets
  • Panel Coils (Clamp-on)

The following are some photos of some recent projects completed byWard Vessel & Exchanger.

Stainless Reactor with Half Pipe Jacket

Large Half Pipe and Vessel Project

Double Row of Polished Bird Cage Coils







Stainless steel reactor with double row of birdcage coils. Interior polished to # 7 buff.

Stainless steel reactor with internal coils and 100% full penetration half pipe.

Alloy 20 reactor with S.S. half pipe.








S.S. conventional jacketed reactor.

2205 vessel with dimpled jacket and mixing blades/motor.

Painted Stainless steel reactor with internal coils and panel coils.

Hast. C-276 reactor with Half-pipe Jacket.