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Field Work and Repairs

From day jobs to large jobs, Ward Vessel & Exchanger’s field crews will meet your highest expectations.

  • ASME U Stamp & NBIC R Certificate
  • On-site vessel Modifications/Alterations/Weld Repair
  • Heat exchanger repairs (re-tube, tube rolling and welding)

We can repair or retube your shell & tube heat exchangers.

Does your business require you to heat or cool fluids or condense gases?

If so, there is a good chance that you are using Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in your process. A work horse of industry, the heat exchanger is a reliable piece of equipment, however, they do wear out and often require more than routine maintenance. Consider the following:

Leaking tube-to-tube sheet joints can cause cross contamination of fluids resulting in rejected product, increased utility and maintenance cost.

Leaking or ruptured tubes that have been plugged reduce a heat exchanger’s thermal efficiency, resulting in increased use of utilities.

Warped or corroded bonnet girth flanges and tube sheets also result in increased costs due to leakage and increased maintenance.

Baffles that are severely corroded provide little support for a tube bundle, leading to damaging tube vibration and reduced unit efficiency and life expectancy.

We Can Help.

At Ward Vessel & Exchanger, we have been designing, building and repairing Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for over 20 years.

We offer you these services:

  • Heat Exchanger retubing. From a single tube up to a complete tube bundle rebuild.
  • Component replacement. We can supply new bonnets, shells, tube sheets or complete tube bundles.
  • Component repair. Often, leaks in shells or bonnets can be repaired by weld repair.
  • Tube re-rolling. Very often, tube-to-tube sheet joint leaks can be eliminated by re-rolling the tubes.
  • Hydrotesting of heat exchangers.
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing of exchanger components.
  • Compliance with ASME code, Section VIII, Division 1 and TEMA requirements.
  • Tube-to-tube sheet joint welding. We perform strength and seal welding of tube ends.
  • Complete Heat Exchanger evaluation. We utilize the most current, up to date software for thermal, hydraulic and mechanical design and evaluation of units.

Reduce your costs.

Why invest operating capital in tube installation and removal tools that you may only use infrequently? Why bear the cost of stocking tubes? The cost to replace a heat exchanger can be prohibitive but the cost to repair a unit is only a fraction of a new unit. A simple retube of a heat exchanger can add years of service life!

Do you have a unit that you need to install in a different service than which it was designed for? Have you purchased a used exchanger and are concerned that it may not work in the intended application? We can provide an evaluation of heat exchanger performance to allow you to make the right decision.

For further information about your specific needs, please contact Ward Vessel & Exchanger at 704.568.3001 or email us at