ASME Code Forms

A “Form U-1 Manufacturer’s Data Report” is like a birth certificate for a pressure vessel. It certifies who fabricated the vessel, the thickness and materials of most components, and the pressure and temperature rating. The form is signed by the fabricator’s QC representative and the Authorized Inspector. Manufacturers must provide this form to owners for any code-stamped vessel per UG-120. The form is also normally filed with the National Board, and copies can be obtained from there.

Form U-1A is a shorter version of the same form, for single chamber vessels only.

Forms U-2 and U-2A are partial data reports, for code-stamped assemblies that are not a complete vessel, such as a welded head or a replacement tube bundle for an exchanger.

Forms R-1 and R-2 are used to certify repairs and alterations, respectively, by the company doing the repairs. They are then filed with the National Board and attached the original U-1 for the vessel.

The Code provides an optional form U-DR-1 that purchasers can use to specify all the requirements for a vessel to be quoted. All of these forms (and others) are available for download on ASME’s website. Vessel owners should always keep all completed code forms on file for their vessels.