Manage Your Expectations on Field and/or Repair Work (OVERVIEW of 7 Part Series)

Even when you are dealing with a first class repair organization such as Ward’s Field Service Group, it is important to manage expectations. It’s easy to imagine your equipment gleaming as though it were new after every repair in the field. In reality, there are lots of limits to what can be accomplished. The Top Seven Restrictions in the field that are not present when building new equipment are:
  1. Safety
  2. Accessibility
  3. Weather
  4. Equipment
  5. Materials
  6. Human Factor
  7. Timeframe
Over the next few months, we will dive down into the details of each of these restrictions that can conspire to make repair work a real challenge. In the meantime, remember that Ward’s Field Service Group will help you manage all your on-site repair work, from On-Site Machining to ASME Pressure Vessel Repair to Heat Exchanger Maintenance and Re-tube. Call on us today to be a resource to help you through your toughest on-site repair challenges.