Vessel Supports

Vessel support design is one of the most important aspects of a safe pressure vessel design, but it can be easily overlooked since the ASME code does not include methods for support design. Vessel supports are almost always one of three types for vertical vessels: lugs, legs, or a skirt. Horizontal vessels are usually supported by saddles. Several industry standard methods are commonly used for design, depending on the type. These methods are based on structural design principles or other published works for vessel design.

Additional horizontal loadings from wind and seismic forces should also be considered in support design, as well as weights of insulation, ladders and platforms, vessel contents, and any other equipment supported by the vessel. Stresses in the shell at the attachment of the supports should always be checked, and a doubler pad can be used if needed to lower the stress at the attachment.

Making sure your vessel or exchanger is safely supported under any conditions is critical to plant safety. Contact us if you have any questions about supporting your equipment.