ASME Section IX – Welder Qualifications

In previous articles, we discussed weld procedures and PQR’s (qualifications of weld procedures). What about the people making the welds? Welders also must be qualified per the rules of Section IX before they can weld on ASME code equipment. The qualification process is similar to PQRs: a coupon is welded and tested to make sure it is a good quality weld. However, the range of essential variables is different for welders. Instead of demonstrating the strength of the weld, important variables for qualifying welders are about the individual’s ability to produce a sound joint using a particular procedure. For example, if a welder qualifies in the flat welding position, they are only permitted to weld in the flat position. If they qualify with a much more difficult 6G coupon, which requires welding in many positions, then they will be qualified to weld in any position. Once qualified, a welder must maintain continuity by welding with the same process within a maximum of 6 months, otherwise they would need to requalify. Contact us if you have any questions about Section IX welding requirements.