Did you know that Ward’s Field Service Group performs on-site and shop repairs, including partial and full re-tubes of all shapes and sizes?

Ward is well known as a premier supplier of new shell & tube heat exchangers. Our vertically-integrated production facilities reflect our passion for the customer experience. We strive to maintain control of critical aspects of production, including Thermal and Mechanical design, the manufacturing of tube sheets, shells, baffles, bonnet and body flanges and just about every other component found in most exchangers. This ensures we have the best shot at exceeding expectations.

This ability to maintain control of most processes for new construction projects spills over into the world of repairs. Many repairs are born out of immediate necessity for our customers and, unfortunately, time is generally not on their side and the need to get the equipment back up & running as soon as possible is often the name of the game.

Additionally, Ward has a second-to-none vendor base and we pride ourselves on our vendor partnerships as much as we do our customer relationships. That results in the ability to locate and purchase practically any kind of material and have it in our hands as quickly as it takes to get them on a truck. We treat our vendors just like our customers and the results speak for themselves.

The next time you have a planned outage/turnaround or emergency heat exchanger repair need and you’re looking for a new and better experience, give Ward the opportunity to be your partner. We will do our level best to get your equipment returned to the best possible condition as quickly as possible so you can get your process running efficiently and profitably.