Manage Your Expectations on Repair Work – Top Seven Restrictions (#2: Accessibility)

Let’s face it – sometimes, it is easier said than done. It’s not uncommon to approach a project and underestimate the difficulties with just accessing the area to be repaired. From disassembly of seemingly unaffected equipment to crane access to confined space requirements, it could take longer just to access the work area/equipment than it takes to perform the repair.
In most situations, some careful planning with contingencies goes a long way towards mitigating the risks on the project. It’s imperative to work with a detailed firm who has enough experience and training to anticipate the unforeseen and create contingency plans to correct the course when things go outside the base plan.
No amount of contingency can completely stave off all potential issues, but being prepared for the most likely surprises can keep the project off critical path. And, when the cards don’t fall the way the team planned, everything boils down to how you respond and what kind of support structure your Field Service partner has in place to get things back on track.
So, don’t short change your project and make too many assumptions about the accessibility portion of the project that are critical to success but easy to overlook.