Manage Your Expectations on Repair Work – Top Seven Restrictions (#4: Equipment)

#4: Equipment…
Most Specialty Field Service projects require specialty equipment. Whether the Specialty company owns or rents the equipment required to perform the work, it’s important to keep in mind that – particularly with rental equipment – you are often at the mercy of the rental equipment supplier. They are maintaining a fleet of equipment and, just like you can’t control when your car breaks down, sometimes critical machinery wears out or gets damaged in the process of a project. In some cases, custom equipment is called for and could take some time to repair or replace, so it’s important to create contingencies in the early planning stages to ensure your project can get back on track quickly in the event of equipment failure.
Talk over details with your Field Service vendor up front to understand how they are prepared to react when things go sideways. Their response can give you a reasonable feel for what to expect during the project.