Manage Your Expectations on Repair Work – Top Seven Restrictions (#7: Timeframe / Schedule)

#7: Timeframe / Schedule…
In most cases, field work is required in lieu of shop work due to three main factors:
1. Equipment is too large/difficult to remove and send to a repair shop.
2. It would take too long to disassemble and remove the equipment.
3. The turnaround time at a shop does not fit your scheduling needs.
You may have noticed that time is a factor in two of the three primary factors. Time is money in manufacturing and, although field work is typically costlier when compared to the same repair in a shop, after you factor in disassembly and removal time, transportation time, and most importantly lost production, the total cost of the repair often far exceeds the cost of performing the work in the field.
Field work can be complicated, costly, stressful and full of unforeseen circumstances. It’s important to work closely with a Field Service company who makes you comfortable that they have a solid plan with contingencies that only come along with experience, especially when it’s a name you know you can trust.