Specialty Field Machining

Field Machining at a Theme Park for a New Ride!

Ward was called on to help a well-known theme park with the installation of a new ride. Proper operation of the ride was dependent on a perfectly-installed base that was level to Earth to ensure the large main bearing would not see any forces outside of its design criteria.

The project took a lot of coordination with the park and the ride manufacturer. Ward’s ability to absolutely nail the machined surface level to Earth meant that the Park’s maintenance team could more quickly install the large frame weldment in the concrete pit and get it grouted, knowing that Ward was going to ensure the bearing flange was level within a few thousandths of an inch.

Ward precisely located and drilled the (30) holes through the 3″ thick mounting ring, then went to work on the flange mounting surface itself, giving the park the perfect, level mounting surface for the main bearing.

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