Benefits of a Specialty Turnkey Service Provider – New Reactor Process Modifications

New Reactor Process Modifications

Ward was called on to help modify a pair of large specialty reactors at a Petrochemical facility in the Mid-Atlantic area.

The reactor was a particular design for a process that was built to provide considerable output increases of a specialty chemical this customer produced. Upon startup, the reactors were not producing as expected with lots of product order contracts on the books.

At this point, the customer was in a bind. They needed the extra capacity promised and they needed it in a hurry.

Ward got to work on a solution, which included working with the design firm to arrive at a plan to modify the reactors. The engineers arrived at a design that would give the results they were looking for. Ward’s primary directive was to figure out a way to fine-tune this design so the process improvements would function, while at the same time quick to install and carry through a standard size manway. Ward arrived at two designs that fit the bill and we mobilized to perform the work within only a couple weeks.

Ward took a turnkey approach and provided around-the-clock crews, working both reactors at the same time, complete with full-time safety personnel on-site. All the utilities and access were also by Ward.

At the end of the day (actually at the end of only five shifts), we were 100% complete. All components were fit and welded into place, all NDE complete, Authorized Inspector signed off and demobilized, ahead of schedule.

Consider Ward for your next challenging project – we can take the full turnkey burden. You can focus on keeping your plant operating profitably while we do the heavy lifting.