The Importance of a “Clean” Field Project Mobilization – #METALMARKETUPDATE (August, 2023)

The Importance of a “Clean” Field Project Mobilization –

Ward has been in business for over 40 years. During that time, we have learned that the combination of our tools and the experience of the technicians in our fabrication facilities is the key to producing the highest-quality ASME Pressure Vessels, API Tanks, and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers in the market today.

When our Field Service Group is called out to perform Repairs and Modifications to our customers’ equipment at their operating facilities, we have to pack up what we need to create a mobile shop/tool room. The goal is to have WHAT we need, WHEN we need it, WHERE we need it, no matter how big or small the project.

It is tempting to keep a warehouse full of tools, then just pack what you need as you plan to mobilize to a customer site. Inevitably, with this method, it’s common that a critical tool is left behind and its absence isn’t realized until the crew, on-site and hours from the shop/warehouse, is looking for the tool they need to perform a task only to discover that it is missing. This leads to a clumsy and inefficient start, middle, and/or finish to a project.

Some locations are quite remote. Nighttime and weekend work also creates a disadvantage in getting what you need without spending a fortune in the process. At best, you spend precious time and expense frantically running around looking for what you need. At worst, you are stuck and unable to proceed with the scope and we all know where it goes from there.

Dealing with missing tools and shortages in the field is certainly part of being in this type of business, but it can and should be minimized. It’s frustrating and expensive to the contractor and, often, it inconveniences the customer, which is unacceptable.

From our Machining Project Box to Small and Large Welding Project Boxes, our Confined Space Box, and our Pipe Fitting Box (to name a few) all the way up to our fully-outfitted 53′ enclosed Turnaround Trailers (complete with climate-controlled office) we are ready to roll out at a moment’s notice. All we need to do is recognize and gather up the specialty items for that project and we are loading up and moving out.

If you’d like to know more about how Ward rolls in and rolls up on a project, reach out today and we are more than happy to talk about our mantra…

“It’s not what we do but HOW we do it”.