Benefits of a Specialty Turnkey Service Provider – #MetalMarketUpdate – April 2022.

Oil Field Contact Tower Repair

Ward was recently contracted to remove a 80,000 pound contactor column from its location out of state, transport it to our Charlotte, NC facility, cut the unit in half, perform significant repairs and an alteration, weld it back together, post-weld heat treat and x-ray, then return the unit to its original location.

This unit was 3″ thick carbon steel, so we utilized a clamshell device to cut and bevel the shell to make the best possible situation for fitting and welding once the internal repairs were complete.  The repairs included primarily weld overlay of most of the lower inner surfaces and several nozzles and the alteration included adding additional nozzles to the column.

It is often a considerable advantage to work with a specialty service provider who can not only turnkey the project, but also directly perform most of the critical work to avoid the need for multiple contracts and oversight points.

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