Field Repair Work: The Human Factor

This is likely the toughest expectation of all to “manage” when it comes to work in the field. From sleep deprivation to problems at home; from disagreements with co-workers to simple math errors; there are aspects of a project that can be identified but are hard, if not impossible, to manage. 

Additionally, cognitive functions such as attention, detection, perception, memory, judgment, reasoning, decision-making, motor control, and speech are all highly variable – not just between different people, but the same person’s cognitive functions can vary from day to day, based on an almost unlimited number of factors.

Physical functions and qualities such as strength, speed, accuracy, balance, and reach are also variable and can tend to derail finely-planned projects and whatever contingencies that are in place.

Also, it’s important to remember that smaller projects are at a higher risk of falling prey to “The Human Factor” since there are fewer workers to fill in the gaps when needed. In the end, we are all a group of people who must work together to achieve a common goal. Communication, Empathy and our own personal Reliability/Consistency are all attributes we all must call on every day to motivate ourselves and everyone involved in a project to move closer to the target, whatever that happens to be.

In closing, always remember that, even when expectations and pressure are high, it is critical to maintain a mutually respectful Customer-Vendor-Manpower relationship. All too often, bad communication (whether intentional or not) leads to bad blood and can result in bad decisions. Every once and a while, even the best of us has a bad day and we should always strive to empathize in every interaction. Almost everyone is going through an unpleasant something in their life that can and will often bleed over into their work life.

Strive to be the Calm and Patient Voice of those around you.

We understand “The Human Factor” all too well and know how to calmly work through these types of situations. We are here to help and to make sure all of your projects go as smoothly as possible!