Field-Erected Tanks – 

Often times when a customer has a need for an API 650 storage tank, the size or location is such that there is no practical way to shop fabricate, transport, and/or install a fully-built tank. It is times like these when the need arises to build a tank in place from scratch or pre-fabricated sections.

Generally speaking, the tank’s location and the resulting accessibility, along with the general working requirements and conditions of the facility will dictate the complexity of the build – often more so than the design of the tank itself.

When a Field-Erected Tank contractor is asked to bid on this type of work, a site walk is always recommended and often compulsory to ensure a full understanding of the challenges of each project. Cranes of varying sizes are required to build these tanks and many factors of the work site combine to dictate the size of crane needed, potentially driving the schedule and price to levels that never cease to surprise.

It’s important to realize that the same tank can be built in a multitude of manners: bottom-up, top-down, temporarily-supported, etc. The fabrication methods employed are often left to the chosen contractor’s site lead. At the end of the day, as long as API 650 is met, the way you go about building the tank is not terribly important, although it can drastically affect schedule and price.

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