New Cooking Oil Heater – 

Ward was called on to help a new customer on an emergency basis. They had a fire in their tortilla chip manufacturing plant and their cooking oil heater coil had been damaged. The hope was to repair their existing coil. Upon arrival, we found that the coil was damaged beyond a simple repair and a new coil was the only solution.

At this point, the customer was in a bind as they were a major producer of chips and had huge orders on the books, as it was nearing Super Bowl time. Ward got to work on a solution, which included manufacturing a new coil on an expedited basis, then mobilizing to the site to remove the old coil and install the new coil in the customer’s furnace.

At the end of the day, they made their deliveries right on time for the big day!

Consider Ward for your next expedited vessel / tank / heat exchanger projects – we work tirelessly to get you up and running profitably as quickly as possible.