Supplemental Processing Equipment – #MetalMarketUpdate – May ’21

In our next series, we will discuss supplemental processing equipment that you’ll find in almost every instance where static pressure equipment is used. Topics will include:
  • Agitators/Mixers
  • Spray Balls/Gamma Jets
  • Sight Glasses and Other Instruments
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief Devices
  • Load Cells
  • Manway Covers
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Piping
Before we dive into our first detailed topic, let’s take a minute to talk about why it’s important to spend the time to specify processing equipment that is designed to perform exactly as the system is intended. From metallurgy concerns to metering products to cleaning to safety, there should be careful consideration given to the choice and sequencing of units for the desired chemical transformation of materials. The choices made in the early stages of the design can make or break a project. Process design brings together all the fields of Chemical Engineering, including Equipment Design, which is the main focus of this series.
Tune in next month where we will begin a discussion on how Agitators and Mixers are designed in concert with tanks, pressure vessels and reactors.