Column Rebuild

Ward was contracted to unstack a chemical processing column, build a new sump/skirt section, then re-stack the column.  Our ability to handle this project turnkey allowed our customer to take a true hands-off approach, which was especially appreciated given this customer’s limited personnel resources at this site.  Ward mobilized to unstack the existing unit, then the foundation and anchoring was evaluated. We determined that the foundation was acceptable, but new anchors would be necessary to meet the seismic and wind ratings in this area.

We fabricated a template and a grout form, mobilized back to site and core drilled and installed new anchors. We then installed the new sump and restacked the column, then grouted the skirt in place.

The customer was so pleased, they asked us back a few months later to rebuild another column, this time with new internals!

Although it sometimes requires different planning and approaches to utilize a turnkey partner for specialized industrial work, it can create a seamless project that is much easier to keep on track with a single point of contact and a vertically-integrated partner. Give Ward a call to discuss your project to determine if a turkey partner makes sense for your project.